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Tax Issues

Current Tax Information

Current tax information: standard deductions, personal exemptions, tax brackets, and other items.

Deducting Student Loan Interest

IRS publication on guidelines for deducting student loan interest. The deduction is an adjustment to income, so it does not require you to itemize on your taxes.

Do I Have to File?

Arguably the most common student tax question is “Do I have to file?” This publication outlines the requirements of individuals that must file a tax return.

Education Tax Benefits

Publication 970 – the most comprehensive IRS resource outlining the tax benefits available to students. Hope scholarship, Lifetime Learning Credit, dealing with scholarships, etc.

Free, Online Tax Filing

Free File is online tax preparation and electronic filing. All of the companies offering the free service are now income contingent ($50,000 or less). NOTE. Free filing of federal forms doesn’t necessarily mean the company will provide free electronic filing of state forms; and you will want to use the link from the IRS site rather than go directly to the site.

Free Tax Assistance

Free volunteer tax preparation assistance sites are available across the country to help low-to-middle income taxpayers. VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program – is available in most communities, as is AARP for the elderly. MU Personal Financial Planning students that have been IRS-certified will be providing free assistance beginning 1/29/07 in the OFS space.

Tax Topics

Very thorough outline of tax topics provided by Motley Fool. Tax tips, recent tax law changes, investing & taxes, family & taxes, educational tax issues, deductions, credits, and more.

Understanding Taxes

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