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Other Resources & Topics

General Resources for Personal Finance Basics

A new approach to money management, including a 30 step path to financial wellness. Each step is designed to increase your financial knowledge and to improve your finances for the rest of your life. Helpful tools available on the site include income and debt worksheets, customizable financial goal certificates, and expense trackers.


Calculators are a great way to explore potential solutions. Some of our favorite calculator sites:

Do Not Call Registry

Now you have the opportunity to “opt out” of unwanted telemarketing solicitations. You can register your land line as well as cell phone. The registration is effective for five years. You can take separate steps to be removed from marketing lists. The Direct Marketing Association can assist with consumer removal from mailing, telemarketing, and e-mail lists. Some states maintain separate do-not-call lists [which you would need to register for separately].

Getting Organized

Numerous resources are available to help provide order to your financial lives’. A good starting place is record keeping by ISU Extension.

Identity Theft Resources

Comprehensive site providing fact sheets, identity theft publications, victims’ stories, what to do if it happens to you, and other helpful resources. The Federal Trade Commission site on identity theft is another good resource.

Social Security

Link to the official website of the Social Security Administration. Information about retirement benefits, disability, SSI, Medicare, laws and regulations, etc.