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Student Loans

Accessing Your Loans – National Student Loan Data System

Access your federal student loans via the Department of Education website.

MU Educational Costs

Review current and projected educational costs for current undergraduate, graduate/professional, as well as prospective students of the University of Missouri

MU Student Financial Aid Office

The Student Financial Aid Office provides a lot of good resources specific to MU students and their finances – specifically in getting and repaying student loans. Provides contact information, as well as information about contacting your specific financial aid advisor. If you have questions about your specific aid eligibility/situation, this is where you should go.

Types of Federal Student Aid

Financial Aid is available from a variety of sources for college, career school, graduate school, and professional school. Learn about grants, work-study and federal student loans.

Step-by-Step Guide to Financial Aid & the FAFSA

Learn about the financial aid options available that can help you lower the cost of your degree, and utilize a free comprehensive scholarship database to search for more aid opportunities.

Student Loan Repayment Options

Remember, federal student loans are real loans, just like car loans or mortgages, and must be repaid. You have a choice of several repayment plans that are designed to meet your needs.

Loan Consolidation

Learn what it means to consolidate your loans, how to apply for loan consolidation, things to consider before consolidating your loans, the types of loans that qualify for consolidation, and what happens after you consolidate your loans.

Forgiveness and Cancellation

You must repay your loans even if you don’t complete your education, can’t find a job related to your program of study, or are unhappy with the education you paid for with your loan.  However, certain circumstances might lead to your loans being forgiven, canceled, or discharged.

Deferment and Forbearance

If you are having trouble making your student loan payments you may qualify to receive a deferment or forbearance, which allows you to temporarily postpone or reduce your federal student loan payments. Postponing or reducing your payments may help you avoid default.

MU Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides low-cost preventative legal education and consultation to MU students on the Columbia campus. Site also contains legal tips and a learning center. Their office is location at 2500 MU Student Center.

Seven Ways to Save on Student Loans

Paying back student loans is a major expense for many students. Read this article to discover some great tips for saving money as you pay back your student loans.