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How Many S’s in Success?

If all goes well, while your email box was receiving this Financial Tip at 5:00 a.m., CDT, I was sleeping on a plane en route from Anchorage to Denver. I am returning from a week of fishing and bear watching with my two sons. The oldest went with me as a reward for hisUniversity ofMissouri graduation and the youngest went with us, simply, because he loves to fish. Actually, he lives to fish.

Why am I telling you? Well, today’s Financial Tip is about goals.

I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska, ever since a neighborhood pal moved there shortly after Alaska was admitted to the Union. (Boy! Am I old?!) Until this week, I had never visited Alaska and I took my boys with me and they both WANTED to go with me. Now, that is SUCCESS!

A wise man once asked me how many S’s were in the word success. Counting three but knowing he was tricking me, I simply said, “Two”. He replied (of course), “No, you’re wrong. There are five. If you want to have success you need to do the five S’s.”

See it – You must first visualize your goals. See your goals as real and possible. They just might be scheduled for later in life. If you want to quit smoking, visualize yourself not smoking.

Say it – Tell others about your goals. Taking a public stand is very motivational. Others, also, can get on-board to help you.

Sign it – Write your goals down and put them where you see them: on your refrigerator, your mirror, or the first listing in your “contacts” on your cell phone.

Support it – If you know your goals in dollars and time, calculate how much you need to be saving each period (week, month, or year) to reach your goal and then do it. If you want to lose weight, make proper dietary choices and set intermediate goals for your weight.

Stick to it – Accept the fact that you are not perfect. You might miss a deposit, eat one too many Girl Scout cookies, or have a cigar at a social event. Don’t quit trying! Be true to your goals and soon you will be living them.

In closing, I want to thank you for reading this slice of (my) life. We are grateful for both your interest and your help in providing access to our MU Financial Tip of the Week to as many individuals as possible. We want all to reach their Financial Success, regardless of how many S’s they need to reach it.